MAAW Inc Committee Members

Our highly qualified Committee Members all have a love of animals and of the community surrounding the Mt Alexander Animal Welfare shelter.


Tania Butterworth is an experienced travel agent and tour leader.   She has two characterful Bengal cats and a lifelong love of animals. Tania has a wealth of experience in retail, administration, people management and innovative thinking. Tania brings a range of leadership, teambuilding, communication and administrative skills to the role of President.

Vice President

Sharnie Digby


Brian Heydon has worked as a solicitor for many years and has been a company director for various companies.  He is a past President of the RSPCA in Castlemaine. He has a lifelong love of animals and a deep concern for animal welfare. Brian was a founding Committee Member of MAAW.


Stephanie Miller has a PhD in Management (RMIT) and a Master of Business.   Her professional work consisted primarily of teaching, administration and research, having spent 21 years in the School of Management at Victoria University. For the past six years Stephanie has volunteered at the Castlemaine shelter. Her dedication to animal welfare and to the shelter community has grown over that time and she was a founding Committee Member and the first President of MAAW.

Committee Members

Meg Clancy was a Board member at the Office of Film and Literature Classification, Classification Manager at National Indigenous Television (NITV), a teacher of English as a Second Language and an actor in theatre, television, film and radio.  Since 2017 she has been a volunteer at MAAW Op shop and campaigner on behalf of MAAW. Meg has a strong commitment to animal rights and welfare.

Bill Burris has been a volunteer in the CFA for 40 years (currently Capt. at Fryerstown) and a longtime committee member at the local soccer club. He was a teacher for 28 years and has experience in many other areas. He was also a councillor for the once-great Shire of Newstead. An animal lover at heart, he is particularly keen to see native wildlife protected – but has great respect for everything MAAW does for animals in this region. At present, he is a casual helper around the Op Shop.

Gaynor Atkin