MAAW Inc Committee Members and Staff


The MAAW Committee has had a change of personnel and is now a committee of four, with the appointment of a new secretary Dawn Hartney.  Committee positions will be re-advertised at the next AGM which is due around September 2020.


Brian Heydon (Vice President) has worked as a solicitor for many years and has been a company director for various companies.  He is a past President of the RSPCA in Castlemaine. He has a lifelong love of animals and a deep concern for animal welfare. Brian was a founding Committee Member of MAAW in 2017.

Dawn Hartney (Interim Secretary – appointed March 2020)

Hilary Prendergast (Treasurer – appointed March 2020)

Helen Treloar



Robyn Slattery (MAAW Shelter Manager)

Khiara Jenkinson (Part-time Animal Attendant)

Ebony Carroll (Part-time Animal Attendant)

Karina Munro (Casual Animal Attendant)

Tania Butterworth (Op shop Manager)

Lois Murphy (Part-time Op Shop retail assistant)