Adoption Fees

Cats over 5 months  $90

Kittens up to 5 months $180

Senior cats over 8 years – if you are looking for a senior cat you can adopt by donation.


Two cats over 5 months $150

Two kittens up to 5 months $290


All cats for adoption are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.  Cats must also be registered with your local council.

Luci DSH female, 5 months MC#956000010567462

I’m a sweet girl that enjoys attention and pats. I can be timid in new environments and need some time to adjust and feel comfortable. I would prefer a quiet home with no other cats where I can relax and slowly integrate into your family.

Tango, DSH male, 18 months MC#956000010546531

I’m a shy boy, that needs some extra time to feel comfortable around people. I have started to interact more, but I would love a quiet home with a patient owner. I need to be an inside only cat due to an old leg injury that causes me some minor mobility issues.

Whisky, DSH female, 8 months MC#956000010567116

I’m a timid, gentle girl that loves to snuggle up in my bed all day. I’m not the biggest fan of being picked up but I do love my food. A home that gives me some space would be the perfect place for me.

Lola, DSH female, 3yrs, MC#956000010545871

I’m an outgoing, vocal kitty that loves my food. One way to get into my good books is through my stomach. I don’t mind a pat and am always ready to greet you. I have had kittens so I would really love a home where I have the chance to get some rest and relaxation. I would like a home without any other cats please.

Harmony. DSH female, 2 yrs, MC#956000010589974

I’ve been busy here at the shelter caring for my kittens. Now it’s my turn to get a new home. I’m a big torti girl that is very interactive and vocal. I absolutely love food, so I need an owner who won’t be swayed by my meowing and who is strict with my feeding schedule. I don’t need to gain any more weight! I do come up for pats and attention but will tell you when I want to be left alone too.

Bo, DSH male, 4 months MC# 956000010566747

I am a timid boy. I enjoy following the lead of my big brother Danny and will copy what he does. I am most relaxed when I’m sitting up high on my blanket. It helps me survey everything around me. Quiet cats like me often take a while to warm up to people, but when I gain self-confidence, I am sweet, charming cat.

Kit, DSH male, 4 months ,MC# 956000010567020

I’m becoming more confident every day. I was the quietest out of my three brothers, but food and pats have encouraged me to come out of my shell. I tend to hang back around new people, so I need someone who is patient. I get along very well with other cats and often give them friendly head butts. I would prefer a quieter home with another cat for company.

Duchess. DSH female, 10 weeks MC#956000010546068

I’m a confident girl that enjoys playing with my two brothers. Like the rest of my family I’m highly energetic, adventurous and happy to have pats and scratches. I’m would suit a variety of homes if I’m given enough play time and companionship.

Kai, DSH male, 10 weeks MC#956000010546595

I enjoy roughhousing with my brother Zazu and I am just a happy kitten. Nothing seems to phase me; I love exploring and playing. I would need someone who is willing to play with me or have another friendly feline for me to snuggle with.

Zazu, DSH male, 10 weeks MC#956000010562259

I’m an exceptionally mischievous and outgoing kitty. I believe everything is my playground and it is my right to climb it. If you want a kitten that is entertaining and fun, then I am the pick for you. I have high energy levels so having kids to play with me would be the best! I would love it if I had another feline friend to play with too.

Lilly, DSH female, 20 months MC#956000010546214

I’m a playful girl looking for a fellow adventurer. I enjoy sunning myself, getting pats and generally having fun. I’m a confident kitty and usually have no problems saying hello. I don’t mind the company of other cats but can initially hiss at them to begin with. I’d like a home where I can bask in the attention and be number one.

Sunshine, DSH female, 5 yrs, MC# 956000006664726

I am a people cat. I am friendly, talkative and outgoing. I want a home where I can be the centre of attention and get lots of love. I am happiest having my own space so I don’t want to live with other animals please.