Adoption Fees

Kittens up to 6 months $180

Juvenile cats  6-12 months  $140

Adult cats over 12 months $110

Senior cats over 8 years – if you are looking for a senior cat you can adopt by donation.


Two cats over 6 months $190

Two kittens up to 6 months $290


All cats for adoption are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.  Cats must also be registered with your local council.



Missy DMH female, 5 years MC#956000003674113

I’m a chatty, adaptable and confident girl looking for a new home. I am very friendly but can relax in my own space too. I would love having a cat enclosure so I can hang out in the sunshine and watch the world around me. I am known to wander off if given the opportunity. I am a sweet, charming girl who has lived in a family environment before. Please come meet me!

Brooke, DMH female, 2 yrs, MC#956000011116821

I’m a shy girl looking for an understanding and quiet home. I’m generally found snuggling in my bed and I would benefit from some confidence building. I enjoy a pat on my terms and would like a safe home to relax in. I am gaining trust and showing more affection with people every day.

Grace, DSH female kitten MC#956000011215012

Hi, I’m Grace! Looking for a friendly, outgoing kitten? Then I am a good choice for you. I am inquisitive, adventurous and affectionate. I’d love a home with someone to play with! I am quite cuddly when you gain my trust and am patiently waiting for the right family to adopt me. I’d enjoy another home with a friendly cat or kitten for company, but I can be just as fine as a single kitty.

Frankie, DSH male, 4yrs MC#95600000370252

I’m a charming gentleman looking for my new home. Everyone at the shelter loves me! I enjoy having a chat to you and a head scratch. I would make a loving companion for someone who is willing to fed me and give me a warm place to sleep. I don’t mind the company of other friendly cats.

Sophie, DSH kitten, female MC#956000011225590

Kittens! Ready for loving homes...

Valentino, DSH kitten male MC#956000011210190

Kittens! Ready for loving homes...

Wilbur, DSH kitten male, MC#956000011210642

Kittens! Ready for loving homes...

Uno, DSH kitten, female, MC#956000011211279

Kittens! Ready for loving homes...