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Tyrannosaurus Rex Toe Bone

This toe bone (phalanx) is from the Hell Creek Formation, South Dakota.  From the Cretaceous Period and estimated to be between 65-70 million years old. It was purchased by our donor from Maxilla & Mandible Ltd, New York approximately 30 years ago.

60mm x 60mm x 40mm

Maxilla and Mandible, Ltd., "The World's First and Only Osteological Store" was established in 1983, in New York, where it gained its initial fame. Today, having grown to incorporate all branches of the natural sciences, Maxilla & Mandible is a "World Renowned Natural History and Science Emporium".

In addition to their staff of palaeontologists, entomologists, osteologists, anthropologists, sculptors and master craftsmen, they also employ outside experts in technical and scientific fields.

They are often called upon to appraise specimens have discovered many new and exciting fossil species.



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