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Victorian Shark Tooth Brooch 9CT

The Victorians had sentiment towards household pets and they admired the majesty of exotic creatures so much that taxidermy and the preservation of all things 'natural' was extremely popular during this period. They probably imported this tooth to Britain by a keen naturalist and it was most likely as a souvenir from Australia.  This unique brooch dates to the late 19th Century and holds a natural shark tooth. It is such an unusual and majestic treasure and is ready for wear.

A heart can be judged by one’s treatment of animals

Our organisation is dedicated to rehoming rescue pets and promoting animal welfare in the Mt Alexander Shire and beyond. We can only achieve great things with the ongoing support of our members and our community. By shopping at our Op Shop Empawrium, you are helping MAAW to improve our shelter facilities, ensuring our sheltered animals are maintained in the best possible environment we can provide.

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