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Caring for Animals

Mt Alexander Animal Welfare Inc (MAAW) is a not for profit animal welfare organisation providing high quality animal care and community education on animal welfare.  We find lifelong homes for surrendered and homeless animals through careful rehoming programs.

MAAW was formed in September 2017 and is operated by a dedicated and hardworking group of volunteers on the MAAW Committee.  The MAAW Shelter is managed by Robyn Slattery, Manager, MAAW Shelter, who works with a team of animal attendants and volunteers.  The MAAW Opportunity Shop is managed by Tania Butterworth, Fundraising Manager, with a dedicated team of volunteers.

MAAW is supported and advised by the Mt Alexander Shire Council.  MAAW operates the Council’s Pound services for Mt Alexander Shire.

Work on New Cattery Begins

Everyone at Mount Alexander Animal Welfare is excited to see building work start for the cattery that has been planned since the group took over the Shelter in December 2017. On June 7th VR Builders began marking out the site for the concrete slab. The slab is due to be poured on Monday 17th June and the building will take shape quickly under the guidance of Ross O’Neill of VR Builders.   Once the major work is finished the cladding, insulation and internal work will be done by a team of MAAW volunteers under the direction of MAAW volunteer David Walters, a retired registered builder.

Funding for the project has been boosted with $50,000 from the Victorian State Government’s Animal Welfare Vic large grants program.   The remainder of finance for this large project has come from donations from our supportive community and from the wonderful work of volunteers at the MAAW Op Shop under the leadership of Tania Butterworth, Fundraising Manager for MAAW.

The cattery will be 20 metres by 6 metres with a sunny aspect and great insulation to provide a comfy home for the many homeless cats needing love and protection while they wait for a loving home. Project leader, Stephanie Miller, along with Shelter Manager, Robyn Slattery, staff, the MAAW Committee and volunteers are delighted to see the work begin.

Volunteers are vital to our organisation


Pictured  are volunteer Liz Nolan and volunteer/staff member Ebony Carroll at PetStock’s Adoption Day, February 2019.



Purchase of the MAAW Shelter from RSPCA

On 31 January the MAAW Committee finalised the purchase of the MAAW Shelter from the RSPCA.   Since then we have had wide coverage of the purchase.

Read about it here:

‘Mount Alexander Animal Welfare’s animal shelter model could be applied to other communities‘, February 2, 2019, by Chris Pedler, Bendigo Advertiser.

This purchase comes two years ahead of MAAW’s planned timeline due to our success, funds generated through the Opportunity Shop, and our ability to get a loan from ANZ. We’d like to thank the RSPCA for assisting us and for agreeing to the terms of the settlement back in September of 2017.  Thanks to everyone in the community, to Mt Alexander Shire Council, especially Darren Fuzzard CEO and Bronwen Machin, Mayor, to our wonderful staff and to our fabulous volunteers at the op shop and shelter.

We were required to own the shelter site before we could get building approval to go ahead with our cattery.  Now we have the Certificate of Title we will be able to move ahead with the new cattery.

Our New Cattery

We are delighted to announce that the Victorian State Government is supporting our new cattery with a $50,000 grant.  Maree Edwards MP visited us at the shelter to make the announcement.

Our existing cattery is not compliant with the required standards.  It is hot in summer and cold in winter.  We have begun planning for a new facility to be built.  We think we will need around $150,000 in donations and grants for this to happen.  If you are able to help, even with a small donation, please click on the donate button on this page and mark your donation For the Cattery.  If you are able to help we would be very grateful.




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