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MAAW Op Shop Empawrium

The Op Shop Empawrium provides a stable income for MAAW, primarily covering most of the capital works expenses at the shelter and any additional operational costs that are not covered by our council pound contract.

New Op Shop Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday - 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Saturday - 10.00 am to 1.30 pm

Monday - shop closed to the public but 

donations can be made by appointment

5472 4200


Welcome to Our Op Shop

A Haven for Animal Lovers

At our heart-warming op shop in Castlemaine, we wear our love for animals on our sleeves. Not only do we offer a treasure trove of items for thrift enthusiasts, but every purchase supports our mission to provide much-needed resources to smaller wildlife groups.


Discussing a tea set


Supporting Wildlife Through Simple Acts

  • Essential Resources: Our network helps us supply wildlife groups with towels, blankets, pillow slips, and sheets for animal rescues.
  • Promoting Conservation: We champion the essential and vital work of conservation groups and use our reputation to advocate for animal welfare.
  • Community Connection: Our bonds within the community allow us to be a voice for animals and a bridge to those who share our passion.

Traditional Op Shopping with a Purpose

Our shop combines the traditional op shop spirit with something unique. We have a collectibles section for larger items and vintage/antique pieces, thoughtfully donated by families who trust our mission.

Trusted Donations

Many locals choose us over auction houses, appreciating our dedication to maximising funds from their generous gifts.

Raising Funds for MAAW

The proceeds from the sale go directly to our shelter, providing vital support where it's needed most.



Browse Our Collections


Books - A World of Knowledge and Entertainment

Find a collection of novels, self-help books, cookbooks, and children's stories. Perfect for bookworms or those looking for a good read.

  Book Sale on Now

Select books - four for just $1.00!


Clothing - Style with a Heart

Browse our clothing racks for both contemporary and vintage fashion. Wear your style and your love for animals at the same time.

 New Season stock in store now

Accessories -  Something special to add to your new outfit

The right accessories can elevate an ordinary outfit to a whole other level.  Come in and level up.


Collectibles - Treasure Finds for Collectors

Discover a world of rare and unique collectibles, ranging from antiques to fascinating memorabilia. Perfect for collectors or those seeking something special.



 Take a sneak peek at what's going on in store this week........

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Join Us in Making a Difference

Come visit our shop, explore our collection, and join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of animals. Your purchase not only brings joy to you but supports a cause that's close to our hearts.

Let's turn simple acts of shopping into acts of love for our furry and feathered friends!

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Sat, Jun 05, 21
Op Shop Empawrium

Shop preloved and help support our essential work in the community

Visit our shop at 12 Johnstone Street Castlemaine. With ever changing stock, there is a treasurer around every corner.

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