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The most amazing donation from RAAF Williams Laverton.

Approximately 1500 vintage military blankets were collected from RAAF Williams Laverton in one of the most amazing donations MAAW has ever had.  The oldest dating to 1949. Most will be sold to raise valuable funds for our fire protection system at the shelter. Roughly 400 will go to Red Box Wildlife Shelter who will assist other wildlife groups, and we will donate to a program who looks after displaced teenagers. The blankets are predominantly Australian Made with the year on them. Our hearts are filled with gratitude. And a huge hug to the amazing @maawopshop volunteers, who folded and stacked the blankets ready to be sold. Kris Harrison Tom Robb Jenny Phelps Lois Murphy Graham McFaul Terry Huybens Samasaurus 🥰
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Updated on
Sun, Nov 14, 21
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