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The MAAW committee is proud to announce that Mt Alexander Animal Welfare Inc. is now a registered charity.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) granted our application in February. Since that time our treasurer, Peter Geer, has been working with the ATO to obtain Deductible Gifts Recipient (DGR) status. This was granted earlier in May.
What this means to our donors is any donation you make to MAAW over $2.00 is now tax deductible. In coming weeks, we will be setting up a system whereby you can make regular donations to MAAW and we will issue a receipt at the end of the financial year. You will also be able to make donations at the Op Shop Empawrium, via our website and at the Shelter. Monies raised will, as always, go to the running and improvement of our shelter in Langlsow Street. Our focus remains on Mount Alexander Shire residents and their companion animals.


As of March 1st 2022, MAAW Shelter is taking over the Cat Trap Hire Service from Mount Alexander Shire Council.

People wanting information on how to hire a cat trap can now contact the MAAW shelter on 5472 5277 or email


Note: Council officers and shelter staff do not collect cats once trapped.

A person is required to drop a stray cat off at the shelter.

Please feel free to call the shelter to discuss the process on 54 72 5277.



MAAW Shelter has in its care a significant number of dogs and cats this Christmas. And while they are all feasting on the kindness and love of our animal attendants and volunteers, the truth is we need more pet food to feed the hungry hoards. 🐾
So we are asking for your support to buy A CAN IF YOU CAN.
Rosey, our senior shelter manager, has supplied a list of foods below, which are used daily for our sheltered pets of varying sizes and breeds.
We are in need of both dog and cat food, adult and kitten. (Not puppy food).
Dog wet – mince, canned food, bones, treats – Schmackos, Pig ears
Dog dry – Supercoat (preferred supermarket brand) Adult Large Breed.
Cat Wet – Cat mince, Tuna – human grade, Canned food - Fancy Feast, Whiskas Dine etc, Sylvesters – Aldi.
Cat Dry – Any supermarket brands, Pet shops - Royal Canin, Black Hawke, Hills, Ivory Coat.
(Smitten canned food is unfortunately not appreciated by the cats. Maybe they know something we don’t).
Food bins are available at the shelter or can be donated directly if you call 54 725277 if the food is fresh and needing to be kept cold.
This website is also an option to anyone who will donate funds to help us buy food directly.  Just click on the Donate Now button.

Food For Thought


Approximately 1500 vintage military blankets were collected from RAAF Williams Laverton in one of the most amazing donations MAAW has ever had.  The oldest dating to 1949. Most will be sold to raise valuable funds for our fire protection system at the shelter. Roughly 400 will go to Red Box Wildlife Shelter who will assist other wildlife groups, and we will donate to a program who looks after displaced teenagers. The blankets are predominantly Australian Made with the year on them. Our hearts are filled with gratitude. And a huge hug to the amazing @maawopshop volunteers, who folded and stacked the blankets ready to be sold. Kris Harrison Tom Robb Jenny Phelps Lois Murphy Graham McFaul Terry Huybens Samasaurus 🥰
RAAF Williams LavertonDonated BlanketsBlue Blankets DatedNorwellan BlanketsBlankets Ready for Sale at MAAW Op Shop
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Sun, Nov 14, 21
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